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Town of Highlands, NC

Altitude Community Broadband

Free Installation!

Proposed Pricing Packages:
Advertised Pricing: Fixed Wireless
*Customer will receive a wired connection into home.
Customer speed is determined at time of installation. Customer will not pay for unattainable speeds.

Residential - Monthly Rates
Basic (Just give me Internet): 4 Mbps ... $34.99
Better (Supports some streaming video): 10 Mbps ... $39.99
Video Streaming (Comes with free Roku)25 Mbps ... $59.99
Extreme (Everyone in my home is connected. Comes with free Roku)50 Mbps ... $119.98

Care-Free in-home Wifi
$9.99 per month
(Town installs and maintains in-home wireless router, insuring all devices connect.)

Static IP Address:
$9.99 per mo.

Fiber Optic Installs are available in Downtown area. Call for custom pricing.

Standard install is for a wired in-home router.