Finance Committee

John Dotson, Brian Stiehler and Amy Patterson

Public Works Committee

Eric Pierson, Marc Hehn and Brian Stiehler

Recreation Committee

Eric Pierson, Brian Stiehler and Marc Hehn

Land Use Committee

John Dotson, Amy Patterson and Eric Pierson

Sustainability and Community Wellness

Amy Patterson, John Dotson and Marc Hehn

Business Group

Pat Taylor, Brian Stiehler and Marc Hehn

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and its members serve three-year staggered terms, except for the standing members. It makes recommendations to the Board on annual scholarship awards to Highlands School graduates from the interest in the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Jeff Weller
Hilary Wilkes
Calab Bowers
Brian Jetter     School Principal, Standing Member
J.K. Coward     Town Attorney, Standing Member

Scholarship Fundraising Committee

Pat Taylor, Marc Hehn and Brian Stiehler

Public Safety Committee

John Dotson, Eric Pierson and Brian Stiehler

Bear Wise

Amy Patterson, Marc Hehn and Patrick Taylor

IT/Communications Committee

Amy Patterson, Patrick Taylor and John Dotson