Town of Highlands Smart Cities Project
Broadband Initiative Request for Proposals

PROPOSAL DUE DATE: 3:00 pm Friday, Sept. 4th, 2020

Head End/Colocation Building Photos

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the revenue of Altitude?

A: $21,000 -$22,000 per month.

Q: Do you have any info., you can share related to what rights the City has previously awarded to other potential Cable/Broadband providers such as Highlands Cable Group, Northland Cable and any other Telecom/BB Providers that could compete with the awarded provider that will offers services across the City owned FTTH system currently being installed.

A: The Town of Highlands only has pole attachment agreements with other Telecom/BB providers simply allowing each to attach to Town-owned power poles.

Q: Once the OSP construction is complete, who has the responsibility for selecting the method and vendor to light and provision the FTTH (PON, ActiveE, etc.) system?  

A: The winning bidder will decide. The town is simply leasing the dark fiber. The town currently uses Calix GPON, but there are no restrictions on delivery method or vendor.

Q: Since the City owns the OSP who will take the responsibility for the OSP / headend system and associated maintenance / restoration support?

A: The winning bidder will take over maintenance and restoration.