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Below is a list of links we hope you will find helpful

Highlands School
A North Carolina K-12 Public School - Home of the Highlanders

Highlands Chamber of Commerce
Look here for information and links to area businesses.

The Weather Channel | Highlands, NC | 28741
View the latest weather conditions in Highlands, NC as well as Doppler radar and a 10 day forecast.

Code Red
The Town of Highlands has partnered with Macon County to improve emergency communications, please use the link above to update your 911 information.

Robo Call Task Force - NCDOJ
NCDOJ is asking people to report information about the scam calls they receive by using the Web Form or Hotline: (1-844-8NO-ROBO)(1-844-866-7626).

FTC-Phone Scam Complaints
To report phone scams, robocalls, text scams and telemarketers.

"Do Not Call Registry" Information

Elder Fraud 
Information on Elder Fraud and some of the scams used to extract money from the elderly.

National Home Security Alliance
National Neighborhood Watch
Visit these links for information on Starting and Growing  a Neighborhood Watch.

North Carolina DMV
Visit this site for information on Driver's License, License Plates, Titles and Registrations.

Hand Gun Permits and Conceal Carry Permits
Macon County Sheriff's Office handles hand gun permits and conceal carry permits.

Macon County Sheriff's Office does fingerprints on Wednesday and Thursday, 8am-12pm at the Macon County Detention Center Front Office.

Lost Cell Phone
Helpful information when your cell phone has been lost or stolen.

Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving causes an average of 9 deaths a day according to the CDC. Anything that causes you to not pay attention to the road is distracted driving.

Drowsy Driving Awareness       
Drowsy Driving can affect your thinking and reactions similar to Drunk Driving.

Drowsy Driving Prevention 
How to identify and prevent Drowsy Driving.

Teen Driving
A Resource Guide for Teen Drivers and Their Parents

Identity Theft
Visit this link to see ways to identify and prevent Identity Theft.

North Carolina ABC Commission
Information on Alcohol Laws and Permits.

North Carolina Highway Patrol
For information on collisions, traffic tickets, missing persons and many other services.

North Carolina Department of Justice
Attorney General Josh Stein
Site contains information about consumer protection, citizen's rights, legal resources, their environmental division, crime, law enforcement and more.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
The Nation's Resource Center for Child Protection.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - North Carolina
Link to a page of information about and photographs of children missing from the state of North Carolina.

National Gang Center
Contains information on addressing community problems, GANGINFO, publications, federal gang programs, conferences, training links and more.

United States Department of Justice | DOJ
Learn about your civil rights, domestic violence, elder justice, fraud, immigrant information, prison & parole information, youth violence, links, and more.

Street Drugs.org
This site contains detailed information on a wide variety of narcotics and the effects the these drugs on the user. Site includes hundreds of colorful, narrated pictures.

Substance Abuse Resources
The effects of alcohol and substance abuse can be seen in all age groups and in all facets of society. Alcohol and substance abuse can destroy a family, cause risky and dangerous behavior, even incarceration, destroy any chance for a successful career and future or cause you to lose a job or career you have worked hard for.

Addiction Rehab ResourcesAddiction Recovery Resources
Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive activity despite health, social and legal consequences. There are multiple options available to fight addiction and regain control of your life. The above links show you some of these options.

SMART Recovery for Addiction
SMART Recovery is an abstinence-oriented, not-for-profit organization for individuals struggling with addiction. This science-based program focuses on self-empowerment and teaches the skills required to achieve self-directed change. It is open to anyone suffering from alcohol abuse, substance abuse, drug addiction, or any other type of addiction. 

Naloxone for Overdose Information
Naloxone is an opioid antagonist. That means it prevents the effects of opioids by blocking receptors in the brain. It is used to reverse an opioid overdose.

The Emergency Dentist - Resource on Substance Abuse and Dental Care
Substance abuse, whether it be through drugs, alcohol, or both, destroys your life and appearance from the inside out, especially when it comes to your oral health.

Sex Offender Registry
Sign up to receive e-mail alerts when an offender registers to an address in your community, or to track a specific offender. You can also map all offenders' addresses up to five miles away from any site you choose, such as home, school, child care center or park.