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Welcome our newest officer: Master Officer Michael Hollifield

 We are very happy to have him join the Highlands Police Department.

Employment Information

If you are interested in a position with the Town of Highlands Police Department, please contact Captain Mike Jolly.

Robo Call Task Force - NCDOJ

NCDOJ is asking people to report information about the scam calls they receive by using the web form and the hotline.

Detailed Web Form (www.ncdoj.gov/norobo)

Robo-Report hotline (1-844-8-NO-ROBO). (1-844-866-7626)

Pill Drop Box

Safely Dispose of Old Medicine

Our pill drop box is located in the Highlands Police Department Front Office and is accessible, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-5pm. 

You can drop off your expired or unused prescription pills no questions asked. Please only bring in capsules or pills. We can NOT accept needles, Epi-pens, liquids, drops, ointments, or non-prescription medication. You may keep the pills or capsules in original pill bottles or dump all  into a Ziploc bag to turn in. All medication taken in is burned at an off-site facility.

You can dispose of needles by putting them in a Sharps Container or a hard bottle with a lid and taking them to the County Landfill or a County Disposal Center and giving the container to the attendant on duty.

Neighborhood Watch

The chief aims of a Neighborhood Watch program are to report suspicious activity, reduce crime, and increase neighborhood safety. While beginning a Neighborhood Watch Program is not a guarantee of crime reduction, studies show that neighborhoods will experience an average of a 16-percent crime reduction under the protection of a Neighborhood Watch program.

The following links provide information and materials for establishing a Neighborhood Watch Program in your neighborhood. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the department.

Neighborhood Watch

Free Booklet for Neighborhood Watch Start Up

Neighborhood Watch Info and Materials

Update Emergency Contact Information

The Highlands Police Department is trying to obtain emergency information from Highlands Business and Part time residents. Please fill out the appropriate form below and mail it to us at:

Town of Highlands
PO Box 460
Highlands, NC 28741

Please note: Forms can be filled out online and printed, or printed and filled out by hand.

Part-Time Resident Update Form Business Update Form